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Explore Gilgit Valley


A mosaic of eastern and Asain cultures, Gilgit Valley sits at the foot of the majestic Karakoram Mountains. With the Gilgit River flowing through its center, this wide valley is home to sloping mountains, warm-hearted locals, and the historic Gilgit City.


     Take the ancient Silk Route and immerse yourself in the region’s past glory
     Discover gems and locally made artifacts as you visit traditional markets
     Visit the fascinating Kargah Buddha and get a taste of Gilgit Valley’s Buddhist history
     Experience the wonder of Bagrote Valley, Nalter Valley, Astore Valley and Fairy Meadow
     Meet cheerful locals and enjoy their warm hospitality


Surrounded by craggy, wild mountains, Gilgit Valley is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan. Here, perfectly clear skies meet the land along a horizon of rugged mountain peaks, and lush green vegetation blankets the valley floor. The broad valley seems to make way for Gilgit River’s path as it winds through towns, villages, and the city of Gilgit itself. North-west of the valley, the imposing Karakoram mountains stand proud, their peaks capped with glimmering snow.

 There’s a diverse mixture of cultures to discover here, a complex blend that mirrors the region’s history. Before it became part of Pakistan, the region was a princely state ruled by a raja (prince). It’s a cultural mosaic, formed by the past and the communities that have migrated from the various parts of the wider Gilgit-Baltistan region, all living together in harmony.

Explore relics of both the Buddhist era and British rule to learn more about the region’s heritage, wander through old markets and unravel the history of the Silk Route, and take an awe-inspiring journey along the Karakoram Highway with its hairpin bends and sheer drop-offs.

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