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Hunza Valley Tour Packages

We offer a wide range of Online Hunza Valley tour packages that will take you on an unforgettable journey. Our Pakistan travel experts have handpicked some of the best and amazing places, hotels, and activities for your next Pakistan vacation. After you've had a look at our popular Hunza tours, book and pay for these Hunza trips securely online via credit card through the PakVoyager platform or we can create a custom package just for you!

 Whether it’s your first time traveling to Pakistan or if you’re an experienced traveler looking to explore the best places in the world to visit, we have something for everyone. With our budget Hunza Tour Packages, all vacations are customizable so that they fit into any budget and lifestyle. We make sure every Hunza trip is perfect by taking care of all transportation arrangements as well as hotel accommodations at great rates. Plus, with our 24/7 customer support team available via phone, chat, or email, there’s no need to worry about anything while away from home! All this means one thing – peace of mind when planning your next travel to Hunza Valley Pakistan.

Start planning your trip to Hunza Valley in Pakistan with our best Pakistan tour packages. These authentic and curated Hunza tour packages will show you everything about this beautiful Hunza Valley and its people. Browse our Hunza travel packages below in our tours section, each specially designed and handpicked to help you discover the wonders of Hunza.

Looking for a customized Hunza tour package? Our local travel experts are best in designing family, couples, solo sightseeing, and group Hunza travel packages. We have something for everyone! And if we don't have the perfect package yet, we'll create one specifically for your needs at no extra cost!. We will accommodate your preferences, time of travel, and special requests so that you can enjoy your Hunza trip with peace of mind. Get in touch with us.

Our Popular Hunza Valley Tours

We offer Hunza tour packages to suit all the interests of our clients. Our tour operators are experts at arranging tours in the Gilgit Baltistan region with any budget considerations, so it won't cost an arm and a leg either!

 If you are looking to tour the best of Hunza, experience Hunza culture, explore historical sites or learn local Hunza traditions, we can help you arrange a Hunza tour package that matches your specific needs. We tailor Hunza valley tours to suit all needs and interests. Our Hunza tour packages include activities that promote exposure to cultural heritage as well as adventurous activities such as trekking on glaciers or basecamps. You simply have to choose from Hunza valley tour packages that include the tour activities you're interested in and tell us what kind of vacation you're looking for. We will take care of everything else for you!

Hunza Culture Tours

A Hunza culture tour package is a unique way to immerse oneself in the traditions and customs of Hunza Valley while experiencing many other things that make that place special. We handpick tour operators that specialize in Hunza Culture tours. They can include experiences such as traditional meals, Hunza cultural performances, and visits to important historical or cultural landmarks.

Hunza Family Tours

A Hunza family tour package is a package that aims to provide tourists with family facilities and comfort for relaxation during their Hunza Valley tours. It usually allows the little ones in the family to experience new places safely, especially if they are too young or too few to go on tours by themselves.

keep in mind that not all accommodations are made equal when it comes to family tours in mountains. We handpick tour operator who specializes in Hunza valley family tours, and they have been in this industry for a long time. They will be able to provide you with high-quality service for a family trip. Hunza Family tour packages also offer discounts so that every member of your family can enjoy their time together without worrying about expenses too much.

Hunza Adventure Tours

Our Hunza adventure tour packages are designed to provide all the thrills of an adrenaline rush. You can expect activities such as trekking on basecamp and glaciers.

 Trekking is a major recreational activity in Northern Pakistan and each year thousands of tourists visit the country to explore the Karakoram range, mostly between the months of April and October. The trekking trails in Hunza range from short one- or two-nights hikes to a week of camping on mountain trails. These Hunza valley tours are arranged with sightseeing and cultural experiences.

Hunza Honeymoon Tours

What could be better than the beginning of your lives together, spent away from normal life among the peaceful mighty Karakoram mountains?

 Our Hunza honeymoon packages are tailored to provide travelers with the best possible conditions for spending some peaceful time together in Gilgit-Baltistan. Choose one of our Hunza Valley honeymoon tour packages and spend your honeymoon indulging yourselves in what you love the most - enjoying the peaceful mountain sceneries and fun activities such as sightseeing, hiking, cultural festivals.

Hunza Valley
Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley Tour: Experience Rich Culture and Nature's Beauty

A region defined by its breathtaking mountains, the Hunza Valley tour has called to adventurers for years. Hunza Valley is the best travel destination in Pakistan especially if you are interested in nature, and culture. Its unrivaled landscapes offer up a trove of hidden valleys and historic forts just waiting to be discovered. Our authentic Hunza Valley tour packages will show you everything about this beautiful place and its people.

Hunza Valley Tour Highlights

  • Take the picturesque journey to Khunjrab Pass, one of the world’s highest borders with China. 
  • Visit Altit Fort and Baltit Fort in your Hunza tour and explore 900 years old rich history of Hunza state.
  • Explore Attaabad Lake and learn the tales of the civilization buried beneath it.
  • Enjoy heartwarming hospitality and the company of cheerful Hunza people.

Within the Gilgit-Baltistan region in northern Pakistan lies the magical Hunza Valley, made up of three distinct areas: Upper Hunza (Gojal), Central Hunza, and Lower Hunza (Shinaki). Hunza was an independent princely state governed by a ‘Mir’ (prince) for around 900 years, up until the British took over with its military might from 1889 to 1891. In 1974 the then Government of Pakistan annexed and abolished the princely state status. Believed by many, Hunza Valley is the best place to visit in Pakistan, Hunza is a valley of undeniable beauty, with a landscape ready to capture the hearts of travelers. Its rich traditions and diverse culture have been molded over the centuries, not only by those who’ve called it home but also those who’ve passed through on their journey along the ancient Silk Road. Explore Hunza valley with our best Hunza Valley tour packages and experience the unique culture and hospitality of the Hunza people. This relatively undiscovered region is as authentic as it gets. Uncover the Hunza valley’s story as you wander markets and cafes that line winding streets in Karimabad Hunza, visit the Altit and Baltit Forts, both past homes of the royal family of Hunza, and chat with friendly locals whose traditions are so innately tied to the region. This is the magic of the Hunza Valley trip, and it’s ready to discover with our Hunza tours.

Attabad Lake Hunza Valley
Attaabad Lake Hunza Valley

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Hunza Valley

There are many best tourist places in Hunza Valley. You can find historical forts, mesmerizing natural landscapes, hiking trails, local food outlets, lakes, and national parks. This is a place where culture and history exist in harmony and there is always something for everyone to discover and experience.

The mountain villages of the Hunza valley also have stories to tell about how life was lived when people dwelled under the monarchy. The most popular tourist destinations in the Hunza valley include national parks, picturesque hamlets, quaint old villages, towering mighty mountains, and was later used as a and historical site.

Enjoy a hike to 800 years old Baltit Fort and 1100 years old Altit Fort and Immerse in Hunza’s rich culture and heritage in our Hunza Valley tours. Hunza’s culture and traditions are fully reflected in the architecture and instruments at display in these forts. A magnificent Attabad lake was created by landslides in 2010. The beauty of this lake lies within its splendor and the surrounding view of mighty snow-covered mountains. Moreover, one must not skip taking a Jet Ski ride on azure Attabad Lake during the trip.

Adventure aficionados can attempt to cross the formidable Hussaini Bridge and get a breathtaking panorama of the Hunza river and surrounding mountains sightseeing. Khunjerab National Park is yet another marvelous area to explore flora and fauna, it is the perfect place for spotting Himalayan Ibex clambering up mountain ridges. Take a drive on the world’s highest paved road-Karakoram Highway to the world’s highest Pakistan China border crossing Khunjerab Pass and immerse in its breathtaking landscapes.

Get enchanted by the magical sunset at eagle nest Duiker and find your Zen. Nature lovers can explore nature up-close at the migratory bird’s sanctuary-the Borith Lake and observe a myriad of migratory birds flying by.

Discover the ancient silk route’s footprints in the oldest village Ganish in Hunza and trace the fascinating amalgamation of religions on intricate wood carvings. Visit the holographs at Ganish along KKH during the road trip. Take a day trip to Hoper in Nagar valley. It’s quite a drive to the valley, with plenty of breathtaking views along the way.

Embark on a trekking expedition to Batura Glacier in Passu which is one of the largest & longest glaciers outside of the polar region. While there, one can also explore the newly added Rainbow bridge near the glacier a perfect spot to collect Instagram shots.

Up for an adventure? then hike to Pakistan’s highest and longest stairs-the Ondra Poygah in Gulmit village, with 2000 stairs it has become one of the top tourist spots in Hunza valley.

Last but not the least, enjoy a picnic of yak dishes at the banks of the roaring Glacier River in Passu village under the watch of ethereal Passu cones.

Hussani Bridge & Passu Cones
Hussani Bridge & Passu Cones


The best time to visit Hunza Valley

The best time to visit Hunza Valley is from April to October. Winter can be extremely cold in Hunza and the weather is unpredictable. Summer days are often very warm but the summer evenings bring with them a breeze, making it the perfect time of day to stroll Hunza’s streets and visit the Hunza Valley attractions.

Spring and autumn are particularly beautiful. These magical seasons make trips to Hunza ever-beautiful and turn the landscape into a paradise of color. In spring, cherry blossoms and stunning red, pink and white flora cover the valley, while autumn welcomes a whole spectrum of colors as the leaves change color and fall to the ground.

Spring Season in Hunza Valley
Altit Royal Garden in Spring


How to Reach Hunza Valley

You can reach Hunza Valley through these transportation options:

  • Travel through Karakoram Highway from Islamabad (12 Hours)
  • Travel through Babusar Road from Islamabad (Summers Only) (10 Hours)
  • Take Flight to Gilgit from Islamabad airport and travel by road (2 Hours)

Thanks to the KKH, which stretches 1,300km from Pakistan’s Punjab province to the Khunjerab Pass in Gilgit-Baltistan, Hunza Valley is reachable from Islamabad through the KKH. In summers, Babusar road is the best alternative to take for a road trip to Hunza Valley.

 The best way to reach Hunza Valley is to take a flight to Gilgit or Skardu airport then travel by road to Hunza valley. Whether you opt to rent a car and drive yourself or take a bus, Hunza valley lies just 100km from Gilgit city and takes two hours along the KKH.


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