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In the north of Pakistan lies the paradisiacal Skardu Valley. A region of landscapes like no other, Skardu waits to inspire visitors with picture-perfect lakes, towering mountains, and enchanting meadows.


     Enjoy true hospitality and the heartwarming company of cheerful locals.
     Uncover some of Skardu’s history at Shigar Fort and Khaplu Palace.
     Breathe in the serenity of Satpara Lake and Upper Kachura Lake.
     Get lost in the awe of some of the world’s highest mountain peaks.


Skardu’s natural beauty abounds all around. It’s a perfect patchwork of landscapes: desert, mountains, meadows, and forests, all woven together side by side. Visit rejuvenating lakes that perfectly reflect the lines of the surrounding mountain peaks. Follow babbling streams that run through quaint towns and carve their way through lush green meadows. Hike across the cold desert sand dunes, with patches of green flora sprouting from the dusty ground.

Behind its breathtaking landscapes, the tales of Skardu’s rich history are told throughout the region. Landmarks of Baltistan’s history wait to be explored, like Khaplu Palace and Shigar Fort. Once the homes of Skardu’s royals, these monuments of a foregone era now house hotels and museums that shine a light on stories of the past.

Skardu Valley: A Land of Adventure

Known as the gateway to some of the world’s tallest mountains, Skardu welcomes hikers and explorers with open arms. At the foot of countless white-dusted peaks, the Indus River carves its distinct line here between the Karakoram Mountains and the Himalayas. Among the wonders that call the Skardu region home are K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, awe-inspiring Baltoro Glacier, and Trango Tower Peaks, renowned for their challenging cliff climbing terrain.

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