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Discover Skardu Valley

In the north of Pakistan lies the paradisiacal Skardu Valley. A region of landscapes like no other, Skardu awaits to inspire visitors with picture-perfect lakes, towering mountains, and enchanting meadows.


● Enjoy true hospitality and the heartwarming company of cheerful locals.

● Uncover some of Skardu's history at Shigar Fort and Khaplu Palace.

● Breathe in the serenity of Satpara Lake and Upper Kachura Lake.

● Get lost in awe of some of the world's highest mountain peaks.


Skardu's natural beauty abounds all around. It's a perfect patchwork of landscapes: desert, mountains, meadows, and forests, all woven together. Visit refreshing lakes that perfectly reflect the lines of the surrounding mountain peaks. Follow babbling streams that run through quaint towns and carve their way through lush green meadows. Hike across the cold desert dunes, with patches of green flora sprouting from the dusty ground.

Behind its breathtaking landscapes, the tales of Skardu's rich history are told throughout the region. Landmarks of Baltistan's history wait to be explored, like Khaplu Palace and Shigar Fort. Once the homes of Skardu's royals, these monuments of a foregone era now house hotels and museums that shine a light on stories of the past.

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Skardu Valley: A Land of Adventure

Known as the gateway to some of the world's tallest mountains, Skardu welcomes hikers and explorers with open arms. At the foot of countless white-dusted peaks, the Indus River carves its distinct line between the Karakoram Mountains and the Himalayas. Among the wonders that call the Skardu region home are K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, the awe-inspiring Baltoro Glacier, and Trango Tower Peaks, renowned for their challenging cliff-climbing terrain. 

Discover Skardu's Beauty

Discover the dreamy land of Skardu and have a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Have a getaway from the hassle of city life and explore the beauty of Pakistan. Have the best trip of your life with your partner, friends, and family. Whether you are a resident of the country or visiting Pakistan, a trip to Skardu is a must for a joyous time. PakVoyager brings you the best Skardu travel packages. Have an exceptional trip to the spectacular mountainous region of Pakistan. Have a hike among the fascinating mountains and explore the beauty of Skardu's local villages. It is an exceptional traveling destination for adventure enthusiasts and travel lovers. With our Skardu packages, you will not have to worry about anything, as our team will handle it all. Choose PakVoyager, and our team will handle everything. You can sit back and relaxedly explore every corner of Skardu. 

Online Skardu Tour Packages

Browse our Skardu tour packages below, each specially designed and led by expert guides to help you discover the wonder of Skardu. We strive to bring you the tour you have always been looking for. Travel to the best Skardu region and experience the amazingly rich culture, lakes, and beautiful villages. Skardu is a paradise for climbers, and if you are one, too, you will love the experience to the core. You can have a fantastic time trekking to the world's highest summits. 

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Get Amazing Skardu Honeymoon Packages 

There is nothing better than spending your honeymoon in the mesmerizing valley of Skardu. Spend a great honeymoon time in the peaceful valley of Skardu. Explore the Skardu culture with your partner and have a time that you will remember your whole life. Get in touch with PakVoyager and skim through our Skardu honeymoon packages. We will get you to visit places in Skardu with which you'll fall in love. Have an experience as you have never before. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the mountains with your partner. We provide our best services for the newlyweds, so you can have a great honeymoon. We are here with our exceptional services. Our team will arrange all the great trips for sightseeing and fun activities. 


Contact Us For A Customized Skardu Tour Package

If you are searching Skardu trip cost from Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, or any city in Pakistan, then it's time to stop. PakVoyager brings you top-class customized Skardu tour packages. We offer our customers pak tour packages that are well-fitted to everyone's budget. We carefully make all the arrangements to ensure you don't face any trouble. You can rely on us for the perfect adventure and have a time you will remember all your life. From transportation arrangements to hotel accommodation, we do everything by keeping your needs in mind. 

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We are the best travel agency that offers you an affordable Skardu trip cost like no other. Furthermore, we are available for you 24/7. You can get in touch with us through phone, email, or chat at any time you want. Our team is there to answer any questions you have. Be assured of every aspect before you leave for the trip. Your travel to Skardu is safe and pre-planned by the experts who understand your needs perfectly well and try their best to meet them. Our packages are well-created so that you can visit every sight of Skardu and don't miss anything. If you haven't found any ideal packages, then contact us, and we will customize one for you. Our custom package may have all the preferences related to timings or any special request you may have. We have amazing packages for solo sightseeing, honeymoon, and group packages available for you. 

Have An Adventurous Tour Of Skardu 

Get all the thrills and adventure you have always wanted with PakVoyager's amazing package deals. We offer you an exceptional chance to enjoy fun activities like trekking and mountain climbing. Have a memorable time in northern Parisian and explore the beautiful mountainous range. Experience the beautiful culture of Skardu and have lovable hikes that you will never forget.  

Go On A Memorable Skardu Tour With Family

Get away from the fast-paced life and enjoy a relaxed time with your family in the beautiful Skardu valley. Have a breathtaking time and enjoy the comfort of nature with your loved ones. Experience the beauty of mountains and valleys with your family safely. We ensure that the travel is safe and secure, especially if you have any young teens and kids in the family. Have an ideal place to stay and enjoy the beautiful locations. We offer affordable packages, so your budget won't be crossed even if you have a big family. You can also find suitable packages according to the size of the family. Have a perfect vacation with PakVoyager. 


Enjoy The Amazing Skardu Culture Packages

The landscape of Skardu is packed with a rich history and beautiful cultural heritage, making it an ideal destination to travel to. Through Skardu, you can look over the range of the world's highest mountain range. The enchantingly beautiful lakes will make you lost for words. The historic cultural villages are something that you can't ever envision. It is an experience that you must conquer at least once. Lose yourself in the beautiful culture of Skardu valley and enjoy their tradition through our cultural packages. We ensure that you get to see all the important landmarks and historical places without missing any. Our experts hand-pick all the locations, so you can easily visit them. With our traveling plan, you can have a flexible schedule and can spend a good amount of time at each location, so you can have proper fun. 


Experience The Beauty Of Pakistan With PakVoyager


Through our customized packages, domestic and foreign tourists can enjoy the beauty of northern Pakistan. Have an amazing trip to Skardu and see how astonishingly beautiful nature can be. PakVoyager is specialized in customizing and executing a perfectly planned trip. We are well experienced in offering perfectly planned tours and covering all the best places in Skardu. If you are enthusiastic about mountain climbing, trekking, nature, or culture, then we are the perfect place that can give you the vacation you have always dreamt of. Visit beautiful places and meet the exceptional people of Skardu by contacting us today. With PakVoyager, you can have an adventure to Deosai National Park and get a chance to see various endangered species of Brown Bear. Have a great trip to Upper Kachura Lake and relax in front of a mesmerizing view. You can also have a picnic at the beautiful Manthokha Waterfall, which is one of the famous attractions. Apart from that, you can get a chance to visit the amusing K2 museum and get to know about the history of the mountain and learn about various cultural information. Plan a perfect trip to Skardu with PakVoyager and enjoy heaven on earth. Get in touch with us today and explore your options. 

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