Babusar Road Is Open 2022

Babusar Road reopens for tourists after winter closure May 18th 2022. After being closed to tourists due to the heavy snowfall in October 2021, Babusar road has finally reopened. The DC Diamer announced this via press release earlier[...]
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Hunza Food Restaurants in Hunza Valley

Authentic Traditional Hunza Food Restaurants in Hunza Valley PakVoyager brings you the most authentic traditional Hunza food restaurants across Hunza Valley. The Hunza Valley is home to some of the most diverse and unique[...]
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Hunza Valley Traditional Food

15 Authentic Hunza Valley Traditional Food: Pure, Healthy, and Unique Hunza Valley food is known for its pure and healthy diet that is totally different and unique from anything else you'll find across Pakistan. The people of the Hunza[...]
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Best Luxury Hotels in Hunza Valley

8 Best Luxury Hotels in Hunza Valley: 5 Star Experience Awaits!  Looking for the best luxury hotels with 5-star experience in Hunza Valley? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 8 luxury hotels in Hunza Valley, each offering[...]
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Cherry Blossoms Season in Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley: The Best Place to See Cherry Blossoms Are you looking for an unforgettable Cherry Blossom experience? Cherry Blossom season in Hunza Valley is a breathtakingly beautiful and stunning. With cherry blossoms and stunning[...]
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